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UPIMAC Vision: “a civically empowered society in an enabled environment”

We have been carrying our mission forward since 1997, and we believe that a strong civil society is essential to addressing the root causes of today's most pressing of societal challenges.

Imparting Knowledge

Sensitizing the local communities on their civic obligations, environmental management, financial literacy, good governance and human rights.

Building Technical Capacity

Providing required training to CBOs and NGOs on programme design, evaluation; strategic planning and resource mobilization.

Gender Mainstreaming

Integration of gender perspective into planned public policy actions, programmes and legislations with a view to promoting equality between women and men.


We engage in scientific research that makes an important contribution to a sustainable world. Our team also disseminates such results for the benefit of the less-priviledged.

The UPIMAC Team taught us about the importance of voting and choosing our leaders. They were so committed and we got to understand why the electoral process is critical for the development of our country.
- Kirungi Brendalynn, Kyenjojo District.

Our Story

Focusing On What Matters Most

UPIMAC is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1997, with 20 full-time dedicated and committed staff at our headquarters. We also have over 300 volunteers across 112 districts in Uganda.

UPIMAC’s distinctive approach is to involve grassroots communities, entrepreneurs, government officials and the relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries in identifying their problems and developing practical solutions to them. We maintain a participatory approach in doing this. The Centre’s principal role is to assist in the process of change, introduction of new ideas and systems to improve the well being of communities and functioning of relevant organizations.

Our strategic goal is to increase the proportion of Ugandan citizens exercising their civic rights and responsibilities from 58% to 75% for good governance and service delivery by 2022. We maintain a Civic Education Resource Centre (CERC) that seeks to provide information to 50% of the population aged 13 years and above in Uganda.


Present & Past Partners

Organizations we have collaborated with

UPIMAC NGO is fortunate to be able to count on the support of a number of valuable partners. This enables us to carry out our projects. Some of our major partners are displayed here.