CECU Newsletter 1About the Civic Education Newsletter (CEN)
The Civic Education Newsletter (CEN) is a quarterly newsletter that provides grassroots reporting and analysis of civic education efforts from CECU partner organizations It gives local civil society a voice on problems that have a profound impact on the lives of their communities and an opportunity to inform the solutions. It aims to increase understanding of civic education dynamics among those who live in these areas and national and international policymakers and demonstrate the essential role that local level initiatives play civic awareness.

It is written and produced by civil society groups with support from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF)

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The DGF Newsletter Jan Mar 2020In this issue, you will read what the DGF has done so far to allow the Facility Management Unit (FMU) and implementing partners to continue working to the extent possible. We hope that you have also been able to take the necessary measures to continue with at least part of your activities. Fortunately, there are also many interesting activities of our partners to report on, allowing us to direct our attention to things other than COVID-19.

One of DGF’s focus areas is citizen empowerment and engagement in a bid to promote public accountability. This newsletter delves into corruption and accountability, an issue so close and pertinent to many of us.

This, and a glimpse of many interesting activities and interventions our partners undertook in quarter one is what we highlight in this issue.

I encourage our readers to contact the DGF communication team if they have an issue of interest to be included in our newsletters.

Wim Stoffers, Head of Facility


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