Annual Report 2013Welcome to our 2013 Annual Report. The theme for the year is “Civic Education for Effective Participation of Ugandan Citizens” The theme reflects UPIMAC dream of a coordinated, harmonised and effective Civic Education in the country. Three of UPIMAC programmes implemented in 2013 namely Establishment of the Civic Education Resource Centre Project and the Community Based Intervention Project funded by Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) as well as the Local Development and Social Cohesion in Northern Uganda Project funded by UNDP are in line with the above theme. Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) initiative of putting in place a National Civic Education Policy will go along way in enabling us achieve our dream.
During the year, UPIMAC reviewed and developed a five year Strategic Plan – 2013 - 2017 focusing on promotion of Good Governance, Human Rights, and Gender Mainstreaming, Reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence among disadvantaged groups and increased networking and collaboration among stakeholders. All the three programmes implemented over the year are in line with the Strategic Plan main focus.

In that regard, we extend our sincere appreciation to Donor Governance Facility (DGF) donors (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherland, UK, Norway, Sweden and the Delegation of the European Union) for funding our two major programmes the Establishment of the Civic Education Resource Centre Project and the Community Based Intervention Project. We also thank the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) for funding the Local Development and Social
Cohesion in Northern Uganda Project.


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annual report 2017It is with sincere gratitude to our partners, members and staff, that UPIMAC presents its 2017 Annual Report - marking the last year of implementing its medium-term Strategic Plan 2013-2017. In 2017, UPIMAC finalized the process of reviewing and approving the Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022 with a vision of ‘a civically empowered society in an enabling environment’. The Strategic Plan was built on UPIMAC’s strength, experiences and network of partners within Uganda. The Mission is ‘promoting good citizenship and socio-economic growth for
every Ugandan’
. The new Strategic Plan has an overall goal of ‘increasing the proportion of Uganda Citizens exercising their civic rights, roles and responsibilities to good governance and service delivery’. During this Strategic Plan implementation period, UPIMAC’s focus will
be on two thematic areas; the civic education interventions and UPIMAC institutional development.

In the same year, UPIMAC revised a number of its policy documents including the Operational Guidelines, a demonstration of the organization’s continuous efforts to enhance internal control systems and compliance measures. These revised Operational Guidelines cover Finance, Procurement and Human Resource, an effort on our part in line with the UPIMAC Strategic plan (2018-22) thematic area of institutional development. This Report therefore, summarizes UPIMAC’s interventions, achievements, for 2017 and lessons learnt needed to guide the implementation of the new mid-term strategic plan 2018- 2022 ’. Our main thrust was on the civic education programme under which we were involved in the development and dissemination of civic education particularly on rights, roles and obligations of citizens. This report gives a glimpse of some of results from our interventions and it is our sincere hope that our efforts create a lasting impact on the
welfare of those we reached.

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