Centre Objective:

UPIMAC’s broad objective is to promote the social, economic and political status and welfare of the poor and disadvantaged groups especially in the rural areas.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Imparting knowledge and facilitating interactions among members of the society on constitutionalism and good governance; Human rights and the law; Community Participation, electioneering and civic education,
  2. Building the required capacity among members of the local communities and other organizations in the areas of programme formulation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; strategic Planning; financial management and education and Training.
  3. Training the local communities, local CBOs and NGOs on fund mobilization both locally and internationally,
    Sensitizing the local communities on their civic rights, obligations and roles in development as well as human rights,
  4. Sensitizing the local communities on environmental issues and sustainable development, primary health care, HIV /AIDS and education,
  5. Carrying out sensitization programmes on disaster preparedness and food security;
  6. Conducting civic education, monitor elections and promote decentralized, democratic good governance;
  7. Promoting literacy campaigns in the rural areas especially among the women and other disadvantaged groups;
  8. In partnership with other agencies encourage improvement in the quality of life of the poor through provision of the basic services particularly health services, clean and safe water, education as well as their environment.
  9. Promotion of gender aspects during project / programme planning, implementation and provision of technical aspects to all those agencies that are interested in incorporating gender planning in their programmes;
  10. Engaging in various research programmes and dissemination of such results for the benefit of the poor in rural areas.
  11. Imparting skills and promote training in micro finance to communities in order to facilitate or enhance the communities’ ability to generate incomes.
  12. Designing and setting up management information systems to manage and assist personnel, procurement, monitoring and evaluation and financial control using the latest computer technology.


Legal Status:

UPIMAC is an indigenous voluntary, non - governmental organization registered with the NGO board Ministry of Internal Affair.
The centre has a consultancy unit known as “UPIMAC Consultancy Services”, which is registered with the Registrar of Companies for purposes of providing services at a fee and build in the element of sustainability.

Our Vision:

Uplifting the living standards of every Ugandan through mobilizing their own effort.

Our Mission:

UPIMAC’s Mission Statement is “empowerment in an enabling environment”

Target Group:

UPIMAC generally targets the general public, line ministries, local governments both at lower and upper level, church leaders, opinion leaders, local NGOs / CBOs and the private sector. The centre gives special attention to the disadvantaged group especially in the rural areas and the urban poor.

UPIMAC’s Approach:

UPIMAC’s distinctive approach is to involve grassroots communities, private entrepreneur, government officials and the relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries in identifying their problems and developing practical solutions to them. We maintain a participatory approach. The Centre’s principal role is to assist in the process of change, introduction of new ideas and systems to improve the well being of communities and functioning of relevant organizations.